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Promotional Products. We know how overwhelming the selection process can be.  With thousands of products, it's easy to get lost in the options.  Lucky for you, we have done the research; we know which products are most likely to stick with your audience and keep them coming back.


Promotional product advertising is our expertise and we are here to help with the end-to-end process including; item selection, logo design and product distribution.  


We specialize in:

  • "Made in the U.S.A"

  • "Green" Giveaways

  • Employee Appreciation

  • Company Outings

  • Executive Gifts 

  • Online Stores

  • Special Events

  • Membership Presents

2. They get shared.

Why Promotional Products?

Research shows that your gift of logoed love will be re-paid with customer loyalty.  On average, more than half of recipients feel more favorable about the advertiser after receiving an item and more than 1/3 said they were more likely to re-purchase from the company.

3. They make people like you.

4. they're cost effective.

The average promotional item in the U.S. sticks with its audience for approximately 7 months. That's 213 days of looking at your logo!  It's no wonder 86% of people remember the name of their gift-giving advertiser.

1. They hang around.

bottom line,,,


What do people do with your gift when they are finished with it?  They pass it on! Instead of tossing it out with the trash, more than 60% of Americans say they share their gift with someone new. That's double the eyes on your logo!


All this sharing and staring makes promo products an extremely low-cost advertising option.  A single pen can generate more than 3,000 impressions, and at less than a penny per impression, promotional gift giving costs less than TV, magazine, billboard and newspaper advertising.  Generating a higher ROI than even Internet advertising makes logoed products a great option for any size organization.

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